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Students in Science 10 participated in a Jigsaw Activity designed to help fill in the pictured graphic organizer.  Concepts such as the difference between heat and temperature were discussed.


Biology 30 students creating a visual mind map of the endocrine system. Each student started this activity with one of these cards on their back, and had to guess what hormone/gland/function they were using only yes or no questions. Like groups were assembled and card connections were made.

Science 9’s look for evidence of chemical change.


In Science 10, students were challenged to find the identity of 5 unknown ionic solutions by reacting them and observing if a precipitate formed.  Two of the groups were able to find the identity of the compounds on their first attempt.

Intro to grade 9 “Matter and Chemical Change” unit.

Day 18

Today Science 10 students completed a lab about acid base indicators. Many different substances were tested and there were a few surprises!


Mr. Joly and the Science 20 class complete a lab on natural selection. Pretending to be mama birds, they deliver foods to their babies and test out which fork/beak adaptation works best for delivering cheerios/food.