Archives for the month of: April, 2013

Science 9 students discovered the difference between an acid and a base with litmus paper.



Bio 30 students creating Crazy Traits creatures! This helps them demonstrate the terms allele, gene, phenotype, genotype, homozygous and heterozygous.


Science 7 students are currently growing two types of marigold flowers in the science department’s greenhouse. Hopefully we will get some more sunny days to help these little flowers grow.

Day 132

Physics 30’s were investigating the lensmaker’s equation using an optical bench. On the far side of the lens you can see the object, illuminated by the light, and (if you look closely) the image is on the screen closest in the picture.

Science 7- Strong Shapes Lab

Science 7 students were testing the strength of different shapes. The focus was on beams and columns. They will apply their knowledge of stable structures when building and designing their own bridges next week.

Today students in Science 30 started producing bodiesel from canola oil. Once this mixture is left for a few days, the organic layer on top can be separated, washed and then used as an alternative to conventional diesel.


Corrosion experiment:

Chemistry 30 students investigated what factors increase and decrease the rate of corrosion. Students placed steel wool in different conditions such asĀ acidic conditions, basic conditions, salt water, soapy water, in the presence of a more noble metal, in the presence of a less noble metal and connecting the steel wool to a power supply.

We will see the results after the weekend!


Day 128Chemistry 20 classroom experiment.

Students try to determine which of the white solids labelled 1, 2, 3 & 4 is calcium chloride, citric acid, glucose and calcium hydroxide.

Science 7: Mass and Weight

Science 7 students applied their knowledge of mass and weight in a lab that required them to crush four different types of structures. Students had to determine how much force the structures could resist before structure failure occurred. Students were able to use balance scales to measure the mass of the objects as well as work with some of the technology at CHHS to find the force applied to each structure.